Saturday, 3 September 2011

Weekend of activitys

Its only saturday and I have already packed my day full of activities. I am going to be creating a new calendar for next year themed lollies and sprinkles! yumm.. I was practicing creating some treats I may use in the calendar.Firstly melted some chocolate then coated the mashmellows and dipped into the sprinkes for a crunchy chewy ball of fun.

After a hard days work the sun was streaming down and I had to escape the cave and walked to the beach - the smell of sunblock got my nostrills tingling for summer. The temperature is rising and the waters are warming its not too far away..

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Things that make me home sick

The Adventure begins

I have decided to move out of home, out of my country and into new horizons. Even though Sydney is not far from my home town of West Auckland I feel a lifetime away from friendships and memories.
For now though I am breathing the fresh east coastal air of Maroubra beach and off to absorb the opportunities of this city. Making new memories and creating new friendships